Our Special Offer to Critical Organizations

During this critical time, we must bolster those that are working diligently to protect all of us and ensure that essential services remain operational, and NetFoundry would like to offer what help we can.

To support our global communities and businesses, for at least the next 2 months, NetFoundry is providing all healthcare, medical research, and law enforcement agencies with secure, high performance networking from any Internet connection.  Safety is all of our top priority, and so, we have chosen to prioritize these functions. NetFoundry will help provide them the necessary secured connectivity to critical systems, as they need to conduct critical business from perhaps nonstandard locations over the Internet.  Whether connecting users from home or public networks to organizational data centers, or cloud based services, our solutions are ready to provide the required confidentiality, integrity, and availability for critical services and infrastructure, with an ease and speed of deployment that can meet the demands even now, under the current circumstances.

It’s our deep hope, for many organizations who are adjusting to the new circumstances of distributed work, that our platform will provide you with the confidence of knowing that your mission-critical work is secured and capable of the agility necessary to combat an emergency situation such as this, while not giving an inch in the security posture you have established, which is, unfortunately, a target itself.

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