Reimagine IoT with NetFoundry

Instantly connect IoT to fog, core, and cloud over any Internet connection without cumbersome VPNs or hardware. NetFoundry seamlessly integrates with leading identity & platform providers to ensure secure, context-driven IoT networking anywhere.

  • Instantly spin up software-only networks over the Internet
  • Easily manage all connections from a centralized web console
  • Identity-secured & context-driven IoT networking
  • Security & performance without the complexity of VPNs
  • Software-defined perimeter (SDP) & zero trust


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NetFoundry & EdgeX Foundry

The Internet of things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) have been around, and evolving for a long time. But why is it not growing more rapidly?

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NetFoundry Secures Healthcare IoT

In the battle to establish virtually impenetrable, layered IoT security for healthcare, it's not only important to secure the devices themselves, but the networks that connect them. 

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IIoT Networking: All About Identity

We believe that the greatest obstacles to IIoT networking are also opportunities.  Control your network without being shackled by specific telcos, hardware, circuits or clouds.

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