Why Every DevOps Engineer Should love OpenZiti

We develop faster, deploy faster, we innovate. But in a world that has an ever-increasing need for security, we are also the troublemakers. As DevOps practitioners, we create systems that are absolute goldmines for hackers to exploit. We need to build tools that allow us to move at a breakneck speed without compromising our security and creating a massive attack vector.

As DevOps engineers, we like tools that act like a Swiss Army Knife - solving a variety of problems and while moving quickly. This is why everyone in DevOps should love OpenZiti. OpenZiti is an open-source, software-only programmable network overlay based on zero-trust principles. OpenZiti provides a way for you to set up access controls quickly and efficiently while raising the standard for “least permissions” at the network level. If you want to make your life even easier, use the NetFoundry hosted and orchestrated SaaS version of OpenZiti.

Make all your systems dark so that you can sleep better at night, just like Mike Guthrie (NetFoundry's Head of DevOps), CERM, and many other DevOps practitioners do by using NetFoundry.

Join us as we discuss how CERM, a leading solution provider, embeds NetFoundry’s zero trust networking to scale and accelerate solution deployments.

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Why Every DevOps Engineer Should Be Using Ziti

For the DevOps environment, having the right tools to control access reduces the possibility of data breaches, and ensures the development and provisioning of powerful technology to meet business needs. See how Mike, our DevOps, uses NetFoundry himself. Read his blog >>>


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